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I think I mentioned that I was working on redecorating our family den and office. When we bought our little project of a house in 1999, it was a two bedroom house with no upstairs. We settled into the larger bedroom and made the appropriate changes to create a main level master bedroom. When we did that we took away some potential from the other bedroom given that it would no longer have access to a full bath. Thus, we are using this space as a home office and family den. This space is the room in our home that has received all the hodge podge furniture from our earlier days and has finally come to the forefront of our renovation plans . Everyone has at least one of these rooms in their house. We have several!

I am excited to share with you some of the fabrics I have selected. I'll share all the details as I get further along. I have been working on my selections for many months and just Tuesday I went to Charlotte and played decorator with my sister and everything started to make sense to me. The sofa and chairs will be in neutrals from Lee Industries, the accent fabric is from Romo, and I am loving the honeycomb geometric from Interior Designer Amanda Nisbet.

Amanda Nisbet's fabric line is called  & Textiles

While I was visiting in Charlotte a couple of little antiques found me. Honestly, I was not looking and these gorgeous little trinkets took me hostage. The flower bowl {above} is a used vintage piece from Mottahedeh. I have a thing for all things blue, but of course, you probably already know that. I gathered some hydrangeas  from the yard and added some lambs ear to the arrangement for texture. I have been moving it around the house to decide where it should live. The painted regency chair is one of a pair I bought at the Charlotte flea market many years back. They are truly a folly because they are too small and fragile to actually sit in. They reside in the little dormer nooks in my upstairs hall.

and...what respectable glass collector could have passed on these little jewels! The smaller glass is a "mini-me" for my favorite Souvenir de la Fete goblet. I can make no excuses for the larger piece. I just couldn't help myself. With antiques, you just have to acquire when the opportunity presents itself...Right?

Oh, and on Monday we broke ground for our new garage. Last week, we cut down several trees and I knew then that there was no turning back. That large tree in the front yard is a Sycamore tree. The tree company came last week and "pruned" the roots so the bulldozers wouldn't gnarl them. Ughh! I really don't want to lose this big tree. When we first moved into our newly renovated home ten years ago, there were a pair of these big, gorgeous trees. Two weeks later, a whale of a storm came through and lightening hit the tree, jumped to the dormer and started a small fire. The storm brought with it 6 inches of rain in less than an hour that poured through the hole in the dormer and all over my brand new hardwood floors...wicked bad memories! My husband climbed onto the roof to drape a tarp over the hole and promptly slide off the roof and fractured his leg. Really, I am not kidding.

The forecast is predicting major thunderstorms and rain for the weekend. Wish me luck!

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