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I normally don't blog about the plethora of new online magazines. I love to visit and pour over the pages and always come away with a little something. That's not the case with the newest online magazine, a joint effort between Lonny and Traditional Home, TradHome, well, it rocks! It's like those special magazines you used to get in the mail, that you kept coming back to for more. Those that you dog-eared the pages and studied the images. I haven't had time to truly read and digest the pages and follow the links to the designers' portfolios but plan to when I have a quiet moment over the weekend. Here's the link if you too have a quiet moment.

If you want to know where design is going, TradHome has it's pages on the pulse. Showcasing twenty relatively new, young designers, this issue is packed with interesting images and special design tips. Here are just a few of the spreads that had me at hello.

Designers Lauren Gold and Sasha Adler

Designer Megan Rice Yager

Designer Erika Powell of the blog Urban Grace

Designers Lauren Gold and Sasha Adler

There's also an opportunity to vote for your favorite designer! I voted for Erika Powell. I am a big fan of her blog Urban Grace and am always inspired by her design and enjoy her humor. Let me know who you vote for and what you think of Tradhome.

Have a Happy Easter!

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