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I think I mentioned the other day that I was going on a loft tour in downtown Winston Salem. Winston Salem is known as The City of Arts and Innovation and has a very strong arts community. The North Carolina School of the Arts is located in downtown Winston Salem, and we even have our own, pretty impressive, film festival called RiverRun. Our community embraces the arts and has really come together of late, the past ten years, to create a cool, livable downtown. I have heard all about the new "loft" community downtown but had not seen it in person until two weeks ago. I am not sure if I am ready to fully embrace loft living for myself as I really like to be surrounded by a big patch of grass but there are many things that I swoon for like the huge expansive metal windows that flood the interiors with natural light and the factory-worn materials~exposed brick, old beams and well, those wide plank floors really do-it for me.

I wish I could claim this loft as part of the Winston Salem community but I can't. It is in the King Plow Art Center in Atlanta and is a former plow factory from the 1800's. It belongs to professional photographer Rob Brinson and his talented wife, Jill Sharp Brinson, the creative director for Ballard Designs, and an incredible stylist and designer that I adore.

The above image is one of my favorites from Rob Brinson's portfolio. Visit his website here to see more.

The above image from House Beautiful is one of my all-time-favorite interiors and showcases the incredible talents of Jill Sharp Brinson. Visit her website here.

It makes sense to me now...the Brinson home that I fell in love with from the pages of House Beautiful features huge metal windows and other loft-like aesthetics. Now, I see these incredible images of Brinson's loft studio and learned the couple lived in the loft studio for six years prior to renovating their current home featured in HB. I read where Rob said that the loft studio reflects more of his style and their home more of Jill's style. All I have to say is there is a lot of style represented in this artsy duo...enough where I think I should pencil them into my fantasy dinner party.

King Plow Art Center in Atlanta

Rob Brinson first purchased this loft 23 years ago, before industrial was cool and downtown loft-living was in Vogue. Now, it is squarely located in the arts-centric Westside District of Atlanta. I have high aspirations for Winston Salem's loft community {below}. Come on...You can do it!

{Winston Salem Monthly Magazine}

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