Inspired by Miles Redd

You may remember a post I did last summer entitled The Language of Doors. In that post I featured unusual and inspiring doorways that I thought spoke to the owners style and left me wanting more. It also featured a close up shot of the iconic blue door from Miles Redd's New York home. The door, the polished silver nickel hardware, the color...Oh my! Until this morning, I had never viewed the full is more than I imagined! Today, I got to go inside via Miles Redd's website here.

I also featured Miles Redd's bedroom as part of my post on monograms, Southern Exposure: The Monogram. I love, love, love this warm and layered bedroom and the monogram is the prettiest, most sophisticated I have seen. Again, the shot above is beautiful and very different from the view I had previously seen and posted. It really speaks to me. It's the way a bedroom should feel as you retreat to your private space as the sun goes down.

It's interesting how now in blogworld you see one or two images separate from the totally. It's also interesting that I am drawn to a particular designer over and over, picking out my favorites, truly unaware that they all came from the same source until the duh-huh moment. Viewing the portfolio this morning, the totality, I am blown away, inspired, energized. Thank you, Miles Redd!

I love the layered, warm, curated nature of this bedroom. It's a very personal space. Although it's a small space, it's highly functional with a desk and lots of interesting task lighting. The vignettes from every angle are intriguing and interesting creating a space that beckons you to stay a while and visually explore.

I loved all the images from Redd's portfolio. Definitely worth a visit. As I work to reinvent my own home's interiors over these next few months, these images inspire me to create spaces that are highly personal, lived in and warm. I don't know why some mornings I wake up and grab my camera. It is almost like my senses have been "turned on" overnight. Today is one of those days. I think I'll attack my new gallery wall project while my artistic side is awake!

Have a nice weekend!

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