The Cottage and the Dhurrie

This simple cottage family room appeared in House Beautiful about this time last year. The interior design is really not that special but still it beacons. I can imagine spending hours in this comfy room with the door open to the ocean breeze or curled up by the fire in the off season.


I think it has everything to do with the rug. As it turns out, if you read the source guide for this room, this swoon worthy aged Dhurrie is from none other than Guinevere Antiques in London.

The founder of Guinevere, French born Genevieve Weaver, trained as a hat designer in Paris in the 1950's. Having moved to London and started a family, she became drawn to the world of antiques. She opened Guinevere Antiques in 1963, in what was then, the disreputable end of the famous Kings Road, Chelsea. Today, the store is very much at the 'right' end of the Kings Road, and is surrounded by art galleries, smart restaurants and interiors shops. Guinevere is now run by Genevieve's sons, Kevin and Marc Weaver.

I would like to share a passage from Guinevere Weaver from the forward to her book "Antiques for Today's Interiors", one of my cherished old coffee table books.

"From the beginning, I never looked at antiques from a conventional point of view. I was not particularly interested in the significance of a piece; what actually counted for me was its form, colour and texture - in other words, the visual statement it was going to make within a room. It seemed obvious to me that you didn't need many things to make an impact - what you needed was one wonderful piece from which you could build up an entire scheme."

That incredible aged Dhurrie fits that one-wonderful-piece philosophy beautifully!

I live vicariously through the travels and antique adventures of others!
I could not believe my good fortune when I discovered two of my very best friends, who having just returned from London, had visited the infamous "rug room" of the aforementioned Guinevere AND they took a few pictures....for your eyes only! I wish I could see more of that blue rug with the scroll pattern peeking out!

I can't actually blog about The Cottage and the Dhurrie Rug and not mention the movie Something's Gotta Give. I know. I know. Blah, Blah. Blah. Something's Gotta' Give Blue Dhurrie Rug... But, I just can't help myself! I was sitting around last weekend, minding my own business, reading a magazine and guess what should come on TV? I don't know how many times I have seen this movie but I was, again, immediately captivated by the serene interiors of this iconic movie. There's a reason why everyone is still talking about the interiors in this movie. The interiors are simple, yet sophisticated., timeless, yet fresh.

What's not to love about the Southampton beach house from Something's Gotta Give?

I love this shot of Jack Nicholson stretched out on the slipcovered sofa from the movie. I just love it! Everyone should live in their living room!

And truly which came first ~ the need it, gotta' have it, want it creamware antique trend or the movie?

If you really liked the movie, too, you may want to check out Joni's recent post about the real Something's Gotta Give real house and more about the movie set. Here's the link to Cote de Texas.

The interior design from the movie has been inspiring cottage design for almost a decade now. With one motivated designer seeking to have the iconic blue and white striped dhurrie copied for their new home by the Aspen Carpet Designs. You can still buy them today!

Here are some other examples of cottage rooms brought to life with a classic Dhurrie rug:

{via Country Living}

{Madeline Weinrib rug via House Beautiful}

Of course, I think a Madeline Weinrib rug could also give you a modern twist on the traditional, dhurrie rug. A great new source for flat weave, graphic rugs. The room below is from designer Mabley Handler. She uses Madeline Weinrib rugs in her designs often. I love Handler's modern cottage interiors.

{via Cote de Texas}

{via Style Court}

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