Beautiful Art, Blog Love and an Award

I recently discovered a beautiful new blog:

The creator of Allumer Decor is Meg McCabe. She is also the artist that created this beautiful contemporary art. We seem to have an afinity for the same kind of aesthetic - clean lined, traditional interiors with a soft color palette and modern edge. She was incredibly kind to recognize Heirloom Philosophy with the versatile blogger award. I am so gratitude for her recognition and excited to have discovered a new blog to explore. Allumer is the french verb for' light up' and let's just say that is exactly what I did when I saw her beautiful paintings. I have been searching etsy and chasing down blog leads looking for the perfect modern art to grace the walls of my home.

Meg and I have had fun getting to know each other and I actually purchased the painting above for my new side entry. I think it might be one of those paintings I carry around the house and find a lot of perfect places to hang it.

Here are two of the other paintings I was considering:


I hope you will stop by her beautiful blog one day soon!

Meg has three signature series that I have really enjoyed that I think you will like, too:
 Friday Flowers, Wednesday Whites and Classic Pairings. 

Meg, thank you again for recognizing Heirloom Philosophy with the versatile blogger award. I can't wait to receive my new painting and share with you its new place in my home.

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