Summer Hours

The Chapel at UVA in Charlottesville, Virginia

By now you have probably noticed that I am keeping Summer hours. I am not exactly sure what I have been doing but I have been busy, busy, busy enjoying summer. My daughter and I just returned from a wonderful Northern excursion for my niece's bridal shower and our first college tours. It was crazy fun!

The last time I visited the chapel at UVA was twenty years ago for the wedding of my husband's best friend. We are still the closest of friends. They now live in Boise, Idaho with there three  little big girls. Don't ever listen to Taylor Swift's Never Grow will make you cry, especially when you are going to your first college tours.

I normally don't give out stock tips...shhhh! but buy Cracker Barrel! I can not believe how many people were at the Cracker Barrel at our stop just outside Richmond. Speaking of absolutely not believing it. We arrived just outside of DC around 10:30 at night and the traffic looked like Washington had just issued a code red and everyone was fleeing the city. Insanity!

We stopped at a roadside stand and bought these sunflowers to take to the bridal shower...the best part you paid via the honor system...grabbed your flowers from the stand and left your money in the box.

My daughter as we walked up to the shower.

I haven't been to a bridal shower in many years and miss the simple traditions. The above picture is the bridal bouquet we made from the present ribbons that Ashley will carry during her wedding rehearsal. We played shower games and fashioned bridal gowns from toilet paper for the mother-of-the-bride and the groom's mother. It was fun explaining all the traditions to my daughter and explaining what happens at the rehearsal. Sometimes you forget that they don't already know these things.

After the shower we stayed with more family in a picturesque, rural setting just outside DC. We had juvenile fun dancing to Just Dance on the Wii in their media room. Post Script: My daughter now covets a media room. I went and hid when they suggested we make an 80's style MTV video with their green screen. I am sure given my dance skills and the amount of wine I had consumed that the aforementioned video would have gone YouTube viral in a matter of minutes...picture Elaine Benis from that Seinfeld episode. My brother-in-law and family are really in touch with their creative side and a visit with them is beyond fun. The next day we visited the Spy Museum in DC, something from my daughter's bucket list, and got back to the media room just in time to watch the Women's Soccer World Cup....frown!

We left that night for Charlottesville and our first college tour. On Monday we toured UVA and then drove to Lexington, Virginia to tour W&L the next day...

The chapel at Washington and Lee where Robert E. Lee is buried along with his wife, family and horse. Yes...his faithful horse, Traveler! Evidently, students still bring apples to sit by his grave.

It is hard to believe that we are visiting colleges already....time flys!

I did take thirty minutes to visit And George while in Charlottesville...I'll post about this amazing little shop this soon.

When you write a blog it's hard to determine how much personal stuff you include in your posts. I know I enjoy getting to know many of you that write blogs and thought I would try to open up a little. I hope you are having crazy fun this summer, too! I'll talk to you soon...

Happy Summer!

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