Hydrangeas In Bloom

I love it when the hydrangeas in my garden are in full bloom, and I can put little arrangements in every room in the house - the powder room, the kitchen table, the front window, the entrance hall, the mantle.... No need to feel guilty about cutting the blooms. This year, it seems that the hydrangeas in my yard are more vibrant in color than in past years. They are absolutely covered with blooms ranging from a deep rich periwinkle blue to a really flirty shade of pink. 

This pair of lace cap hydrangeas were once the centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table. I couldn't bare to toss them out after the holiday so I planted them next to the driveway, not expecting them to live. When we excavated for the new garage last Spring, we moved them, not once but three times. I can't believe how resilient and beautiful they are now.

The ease of growing Hydrangeas is one of those things that I adore about living in the South.

I am not sure of the specific variety of my lace cap hydrangeas but they were pure white when I bought them and now they have these gorgeous periwinkle blue centers.

This is an Oak Leaf Hydrangea that lives under the shade of our weeping cherry tree. We originally planted three of these and only one has survived, most likely because it is beyond the reach of my hose.

This wall of hydrangeas was here when we bought the house twelve years ago.

Over the weekend, I planted a blue and white garden beside our new garden path- Delphinium grandiflorum 'Summer Nights', Delphinium 'Dasante Blue', Blue Star 'Amsonia Blue Ice', and White and Blue Garden Phlox. Wisteria climbs up the trellis to the deck above. 

Another view of the wall of Hydrangea that we inherited. 

Just out of the frame you can see a little of our new garage. In lieu of downspouts, we opted for copper rain chains.

Years ago when we first renovated our house, we painted the brick with primer to give it that aged washed look. We recently planted a climbing hydrangea that will climb up the chimney and give the new side entry a cottage vibe. I can't wait until it blooms. The blooms will look like a lace cap hydrangea.

Sadie follows me around all day and loves being outside with me while I am working in the garden or watering. Tonight, she found a new resting spot, my new teak bench from Homegoods.

On either side of the new stone walkway, we planted a pair of tree form limelight hydrangeas. They just started to bloom today.

If you look closely, you can see our weathervane on the new cupola. It's a Labrador. I had picked out a really simple design that looked like some of the old french weathervanes I had seen at flea markets and at the last minute, I decided to have a little fun and ordered the Labrador. Now, it's my one of my favorite details from the whole project.

I hope you have enjoyed my little garden tour.


Sweet dreams....


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