Pursuing Art for a Black & White World

As of late, I have been craving a little happy color in my neutral world. I have found myself intrigued with the juxtaposition of modern art against a sophisticated, tailored neutral backdrop. I really like colorful spaces {in other people's houses} but find in my own home I like the simplicity of layering tone-on-tone neutrals and organic textures. I've been looking for just the right piece of art to add color to my world.

 I remembered reading about a Charleston artist featured in Garden and Gun - Sally King Benedict and went in search of more. I am really inspired by what I found - a talented young artist that has an amazing way with color and abstract forms.

A Snapshot of Sally King Benedict

Sally was born and raised in Atlanta and is currently living in Charleston; She is expecting her first child and moving to Atlanta this summer.

Sally attributes her keen artistic eye to early exposure to the Atlanta art scene by the side of her mother visiting high profile gallery openings and clients homes. She also lived with great art in her own home.

College: Studio Art Major - College of Charleston

During her college years she spent some time in NYC and landed an Internship with Chanel.

Benedict is inspired by master artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Philip Guston, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Pablo Picasso. She also mentions a more recent fascination with the works of photographer Massimo Vitali.

One of my good friends just mentioned that she was looking to add a nude to her collection. 
I know she will love the one above. 

{House Beautiful; Interior Design by Kathleen Rivers}

Sally King Benedict's contemporary art is the perfect complement to this beautiful traditional interior and exactly the kind of pop of color I am looking for in my own home.

I wasn't planning to publish this post until Monday but when I checked my email and gave the new Matchstick Magazine a quick overview I noticed an awesome feature on Sally King Benedict. I thought you might like to read over the weekend. To see more click on over to Matchstick's latest edition.

I was interested to see how growing up in the South has influenced Sally's work. The Glitter Guide meet Sally in her Charleston home for an interview. here is one of my favorite quotes from that interview:
"Being from the South and living in the South has made me appreciate the importance of keeping tradition and exuding grace. For a woman and her style, I think the most important thing is confidence. I definitely feel the most confident when I look classic and comfortable — a perfect southern combination. My artistic style encompasses the way I see beautiful things for the most part, so the influence of southern landscapes, architecture, and people are ever prominent in my work."

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