Mother's Day

My mother's day present to myself was a photography class for two! My fifteen year old daughter is just three short years from leaving the nest. In pursuit of mother-daughter creative bonding, I enrolled us
in a six week photography class through the Sawtooth Center. Although it has been a challenge to squeeze one more thing into our already overflowing lives, the photography class has been worth every screech into the parking lot, still wearing soccer uniform + cleats and swallowing the last of the fast-food swing through. Our class assignments ranged from using the manual aperture settings on the camera (yes, using the "auto" mode is illegal!) to capturing a night photo using long exposure settings. My mother's day present is the memory from lying in the grass waiting for the sun to set so we could capture our night assignment. Mini-me drew a heart with her cell phone, I pressed the shutter and we waited. Up popped a "light-painting" of an illuminated heart. We giggled like little children as the sun set over the horizon!

What are you getting your mother?
Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th so If you'e still in need of a "you-shouldn't have" gift, here are my suggestions to make any mother feel special.

Gift Under $10

Peonies from The Fresh Market
Peonies have arrived just in time for Mother's Day!

Gift under $25

Rain Body Lotion $24 from
All Through The House at Reynolda Village

While Christmas shopping at my favorite go-to-gift source, All Through The House, I picked up a pot of Rain body lotion for my sister. I flipped for the stylish packaging and divine scent! I was thrilled to have my sister a special, little something. The only problem was that about two weeks before Christmas my hands were really dry and I decided to break into my Christmas stash for a little pre-Christmas gift for me. So, I went back in March and bought another one for my sister, for her birthday, and of course, another one for me, as I was running out. Now, of course, it's Mother's Day. I went back and bought one for my mother and of course, another one for me. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Gift under $50

Kurta from Rikshaw Designs
Last year, it was the white jean. This year, it is the kurta perfect for a young mother on mother's day!

Gift under $100

wonderous glass stack rings $98 from the Sundance Catalog
A round glass cabochon flanked by a smaller round and square cabochons slip effortlessly into the role of gemstones. Simple, hand brushed 18kt vermeil settings. Set of three.
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