Through The Garden Gate: Local Gardens that Inspire

I have learned over the years that I need time outdoors to feel whole. I am inspired by nature and enjoy seeing what others have done with their gardens to capture nature's beauty and bounty. Take a walk with me through my neighborhood and see what the possibilities hold. I love the fact that earthy, organic and green are once again popular and that buying locally grown produce is now hip. I think the highest compliment one can receive is being labeled "down-to-earth."

Winston Salem's gardens through my lens....

In my good friend's garden, she has trained lorapedium to climb the chimney. It blooms little ruby flowers in the early spring and fall.

Designed so that she can look out into the garden from her sun room, this charming symmetrical garden is designed with four quadrants and a central focal point, a verdigris topiary form. Separated by a pea gravel path, each quadrant features boxwood, herbs and perennials. It is enclosed with a white picket fence bordered by pink rose bushes..

I love this enchanting gate and the "peek-a-boo" nature of the privacy fence. I long to swing up the circular drive after a long day and walk through this gate and into my personal garden...a great path to start and finish each day.

This house and garden are meant to be together. The garden compliments the cottage feel of the home and the home architecture provides structure that compliments the garden.

This garden really has "swagger".

Look through the rose arbor at the shaped topiary on the patio.

 I can only imagine the depth a garden like this would add to my life. I think I need to capitalize on the green movement and start a new exercise movement entitled gardenZen.
GardenZen = vitamin D from the sun + garden yoga + aroma therapy + organic vegetables + meditation

A pea gravel path winds from the garage through the garden to the backdoor.

Charming and playful, this garden gate welcomes with whimsy!

The plaque reads "A garden of friends is always in bloom"

Flopsy, Mopsy and cottontail would certainly have a romp in this garden!

When I was very young I spent hours in the garden with my grandmother. My favorite thing to do was to pick and eat the sweet peas. We would go into her backyard garden in the late afternoon and pick and gather what we would eat for dinner. I love the way she would "wilt" the greens and now wish I had paid more attention. I also loved to help her mash the strawberries. She would serve them with heavy cream for dessert. After dinner, I had the privilege of taking the vegetable peels, apple cores, and strawberry tops and returning them to the garden for the birds and rabbits.

The lovely house in the background above is currently for sale and is my favorite house in Winston Salem. The gardens were done by local landscape architect Chip Calloway of Greensboro.

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