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{Bunny William's bedside table from NYTimes The battleground on the Bedside Table}

I read a really interesting article last week in the New York Times that I thought you might enjoy as well ~ The Battleground on the Bedside Table.

The article really made me think about my own bedside and what I could do to improve both the way it functions and the way it makes me feel as I pursue a good night's sleep.

I also loved the opportunity to peek inside the bedrooms of a few of my favorite designers and bring home a little of their advise on styling the nightstand.

{Alexa Hampton's bedside table from NYTimes The battleground on the Bedside Table}

Here's the scoop! 

For a blissful night's sleep, the bedside table should be a marriage of beauty and function and answer your specific needs. The bedside is one of the most private spaces in your home so "styling" should be about creating a personal sanctuary and keeping you organized before bedtime.

  1. A Great Bedside Table. Consider the tabletop size and whether you prefer open or closed storage or a combination of the two. Always, always have his and hers nightstands! I love a room with an antique table at the bedside or a quirky piece with personality converted for use as a bedside table.
  2. Good lighting ~ a pair of beautiful lamps or swing arm sconces. A sculptural lamp provides height and adds interest to a bedside table vignette. Don't overlook the lampshade! There is nothing more beautiful than the filtered light coming from a pleated silk lampshade.
  3. Beautiful tray or box to gather glasses, electronics, cell phone, jewelry, coins and electronics.
  4. Notepad, Journal and a special pen reserved only for bedside.
  5. Personal items that make you smile such as art and family photographs. Consider leaning and layering art for a more interesting tablescape.
  6. Fresh flowers or a touch of greenery adds softness, texture and another sculptural element to the bedside. A touch of something from nature always makes me smile.
  7. Books and magazines. An essential element if you like to read before bedtime.
  8. A Favorite Scented Candle. I wish Charlotte Moss still made the Virginia Candle (hint, hint)! My current favorite is the Baies Candle from Diptyque.
  9. A Stylish Alarm Clock
  10. A Way to Organize and Store Electronics - think about what you need at the bedside - the iPad, Kindle, cell phone, remote(s), docking...ugh! The latest electronics have made designers rethink the bedside table. Many of the latest options have special features built-in for corralling electronics and managing cords.
If I were to follow my own advise, I would need to do a little spring cleaning and rethink how I might organize and plan for the things I need next to the bed.

Allison's favorite things for bedside bliss:

  1. Chelsea Textiles Gustavian Bureau
  2. White porcelain lamps from Christopher Sptizmiller
  3. My favorite scented candle - Diptyque Baies Candle
  4. A Silver Tray to collect jewelry and electronics
  5. Fresh flowers, preferably white, arranged in a simple glass vase or antique goblet
  6. A journal for my thoughts - One Line A Day

I am also particularly fond of this little honeycomb porcelain plate in grey available at Jayson Home and Gardens. It is handmade in a Connecticut workshop using an object made for use in beehives. 

It would make a nice little catch-all on a bedside table.

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