Window Treatments Not Included: Steel Windows and Doors

As I sought the perfect images to share with you for my latest post ~ "The Color of Lush" focusing on interiors that embrace the bringing-the-outdoors-in concept, I discovered a funny coincidence on the way to the post. As I visited the designers that I stalk that inspire me ~ Pamela Pierce, Jill Sharp Brinson, Kay Douglass ~ I discovered that the images I searched for, the ones that have imprinted on my visually stimulated cranium, all have steel windows and doors.

Steel windows and doors are the biggest takeaway from the industrial design revolution, a trend that you see in almost every photo of late. I guess it's my love of nature that inspires my love of steel windows and doors as they seamlessly integrate the garden and the home offering interiors flooded with natural light and unobstructed views of the landscape beyond.

Miguel Flores Vianna via Elle Decor

Jill Sharp Brinson's Kitchen {above} and bedroom {below} featured in House Beautiful.

A view of the Brinson kitchen from the outside looking in when their home was on tour.

Interior Designer Pam Pierce's kitchen

Pierce was a true visionary when she designed her Houston kitchen many years ago. When renovating her 1920's vintage home, she was limited to the original footprint of the kitchen. Her solution was to open the kitchen to the patio beyond with metal windows and doors, something she had admired from her European travels. Here is a quote from Pierce on her design philosophy:

"Along an entire wall, I put in metal framed doors that open up to a patio" explained Pierce "and from the inside, seeing the garden, made the kitchen feel much bigger. I can entertain and move out into that area where there's also an outside kitchen."

{another view of Pam Pierce's kitchen}

A favorite kitchen from Steven Gambrel via Elle Decor.

I am also intrigued by designers that bring new life to old things. That is always the case with Kay Douglass, owner of South of Market. The store with a modern vibe reinvents interesting old things and combines them with bright colors and Belgian inspired upholstery for a modern, yet classic aesthetic. I just loved what she accomplished with the renovation of her Atlanta home giving it new life with a contemporary twist. I am drawn to interiors flooded with sunlight. The steel windows and doors let these graphic, modern interiors sparkle and dance in the sunlight. Douglass comments on the feel of her home "The light feels like magic." Visit Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, to read more.

{Kay Douglass}

{Belgian Pearls}

In some cases, old steel factory windows have been added by architects and designers when renovating baths. {above and the next two photos via Remodelista} The results are amazing!

Just as I was putting together the finishing details for this post, Cote de Texas arrived with sneak peek photos from Houston's must-see West University tour of homes. The tour was Sunday and featured some of Houston's finest homes and designers. I noticed that several of the homes featured steel windows and doors. The home above and below belongs to interior designer Margaret Ann McEver. She added the steel front door and created an entry hall where there wasn't one. What I like best about it is that it floods the interior entrance hall with natural light by day and at night she can pull those incredible antique shutters closed for privacy. Both innovative design ideas, equally as aesthetically pleasing!

To see the tour sneak peek click here and just stay tuned to Cote de Texas as Joni plans to share most the homes' interiors in their entirety following the tour. I can't wait!


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