The language of Doors. Part II

The interior door in my opinion is one of the most underutilized design elements in interior design. This spring, when looking for a few ways to update my interiors without spending a fortune, I decided to paint my interior doors a rich chocolate brown. I hired a moving company to come for an hour and rearranged the furniture; changed the lampshades; and re-styled my bookcases. I love the results! For your inspiration, I have selected some of my favorite photos of interior doors that speak to me. I hope you enjoy~

{Darryl Carter}

A reclaimed, vintage or antique door adds charm to an interior space. To add provenance to a newly constructed home consider adding old doors.

{Sally Wheat via Cote de Texas }

Again, these old doors from Sally Wheat interior design add vintage charm to a new interior. Consider how different this room would be without these doors. I would also assume that these doors are "working doors" and provide needed storage space for high tech electronics.

{image via Southern Accents}

I loved the color of these doors and the fact that they selected pairs of doors instead of the standard issue eight panel. I used these doors as inspiration for my color choice.

{image via Southern Accents}

Again, a dark brown door complements the traditional, European inspired decor of the entrance hall above.

Who says that interior doors have to be white? Look at the lovely color choice above!

I love these dramatic black doors. The image above is a good example of using interior painted doors as a modern design element in a more contemporary room setting.

I am looking for the appropriate room to introduce upholstered doors into my own home. I think they bring warmth and texture to a room, and I love the nailhead detail! I have seen them many times but had a difficult time finding a picture to share. I am pretty sure the above design is from Circa Interiors in Charlotte. It has all the trademarks of their signature style that I adore.

{image via John Saladino}

John Saladino takes the concept of upholstered interior doors a step further by covering the doors in soft leather. The subtle look above is well thought out and is all about tone-on-tone texture.

{image via Real Simple}

Now, for a more casual or coastal look, the blue door sets the "cottage" tone. I don't know what the rest of this house looks like but I can guess.

{image via Country Living}

A clever choice for a cottage kitchen! Inexpensive chalkboard paint turns a door into a message board adding both functionality and charm. I envision this door in a kitchen of a young, hip family. Although the interior is quiet simple, it speaks volumes!

The barn door is popping up in interiors everywhere, and I love it! I have noticed new barn doors like the ones above as well as vintage or old doors gaining in popularity. Barn doors might give you that rustic, natural look or a modern country aesthetic. The right choice might also catapult your look into 'loft' or 'industrial'. Think Restoration Hardware's new line from Bobo. Because of the way it slides on a track, a barn door might answer a design problem with renovating.

{image from Remodelista}

{image via West Elm}

{image from Barn Wood Naturals}

{Inspiration Point a.k.a. my desk}

Earlier this spring, I decided to shake things up around the home front and painted all my interior doors chocolate brown. Let's just say it took more than a little coercion to get my husband to go along with the plan. I choose Mink by Benjamin Moore in a satin finish oil paint. I love the way they turned out! My desk is just off the kitchen. Behind the apron clad brown door is my laundry room.
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