Kraft Paper Christmas

Looking for a chic way to save money this Christmas?

Look no further than a roll of Kraft paper!

I was at the store the other day and felt a sudden urge to buy a roll of brown Kraft paper. 

I love the idea of wrapping some fresh flowers in Kraft paper with a quick acrylic painted thank you! I am always looking for a chic little something to take along as a hostess gift.

I especially like pretty little packages wrapped in kraft paper mixed with gold polka dots or striped ribbon or greenery. I would love to paint a table runner with a chevron pattern. I am certain I will never make the Kraft paper Christmas tree but I love the idea for a small space that cannot have a real tree.

I love the thought of taking something so plain and simple and transforming into something personal.

Hope your Christmas shopping and planning are going well. 

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