The Last Supper

We discovered the best boulangerie and patisserie in all of Paris our last night in the city. Instead of heading out of our hotel to the left, as we had all the previous nights, we turned to the right. Within a block of our hotel was the most charming, quintessential french boulangerie-patisserie called Secco. You always want to end a trip on a high note and let's just say we did! Displayed in the window fresh from the oven, still in its french crockery, our last supper awaited. We ordered a little of everything ~ haircot verts, herbed rice, blanquette de veau, pomme de terre and, of course, an assortment of amazing patisserie for dessert!

{original art via Paris Breakfast on etsy)

{Secco, 20, rue Jean Nicot}

It is not unusual for a line to form out of the door of Secco and around the block at dinner time.

{Not to be missed is the spotted dog painted on the building's facade.}

The interior of Secco was absolutely beautiful.

These sandwiches look incredible...if I would have only known! Several days we grabbed sandwiches from Paul, a 120 year old french chain of boulangeries, to take on the train for lunch. Don't get me wrong, the sandwiches from Paul were also delicious.

All the desserts at Secco come with their own chocolate logo and fortunately for me, my daughter and husband, are not fond of chocolate, so I was blessed with three chocolate favor.
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